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Los Angeles is home to some of the most well-regarded and distinctive properties in all of Southern California. there are many historical hotels that have been around for hundreds of years in the Los Angeles area ever since it was all orange groves back in the 18 hundreds. one of the most famous and historic hotels in all of Los Angeles is the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. The Roosevelt is a huge brick building with historical buildings that can run on the cozy side but are also quite beautiful. With restaurants and the pool Club as well as the famous bar Teddy’s the Roosevelt is perfect if you were looking to have a proper Hollywood experience with all of the excitement that it has to offer. It is also dead in the center of Hollywood and close to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Kodak Theater and many other Hollywood attractions.

This is a perfect option if you are either a young person looking to go out clubbing or you’re with your family and wanted to get a Hollywood experience. You can pick up eith or two hours bus directly out front which will take you to celebrities homes and other historical sites of Hollywood. Another great hotel if you want to get away from the Hollywood scene and Shutters in Santa Monica. shutters is famous for its white lacquer East Coast style and elegance as well as the beautiful ocean views of each of its rooms. The Fantastic Oyster Bar which is right on the boardwalk has some of the best oysters and Rosie and in Los Angeles. Further up the coast is the Malibu Beach Inn which is on the ocean side of PCH. These rooms offer you the taste of the glamorous expensive Hollywood lifestyle of the Rich and Famous in Malibu. Each room has an ocean view.

The restaurant is on stilts and during high tide the ocean will lap underneath your feet as he dined on steaks and salmon and enjoy a fine selection of wine. If you’re looking for a Beverly Hills experience then you should definitely check out the Peninsula Hotel. Located directly in the center of Beverly Hills this hotel is known far and wide for its rich and famous clientele as well as the quality of its rooms. Owned by the Four Seasons this hotel is steps away from Rodeo Drive and offers you a perfect opportunity for star sightings as well as proximity to some of the best restaurants in all of Los Angeles. It is important to remember that Los Angeles is very sprawling and spread out and you should try staying close to the sites that you want to see. For instance if you want to stay Coastal then you should stay at shelters or the Miami Beach in because during the week traffic can make it in from one side of town to the other very challenging. another thing to consider when in Los Angeles is which airport that you want to fly in and out of. LAX is located next to the ocean south of Marina Del Rey whereas the Burbank airport is in the Northeast section and it has better proximity to Hollywood. ¬†When you are planning your trip it is important to remember the Burbank is an option when flying in and check to see if life here could potentially be cheaper or more convenient to you. If you want to move further north into Santa Barbara then you have to stay at the Bacara Resort located north of Santa Barbara and Goleta neighborhood this is a favorite of Oprah and is located on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. No matter what when you are checking out Southern California you have to take the time and spend the money to stay at a great hotel so that you and your family have a vacation and a holiday that is worth remembering.


Let us continue our discussion. If you are celebrating an anniversary or an engagement party this is the perfect place to lose your love and create an air of romance whether you are about to be married or are celebrating many years together. The romantic and secluded and private bungalows are perfect for rendezvouz with your lover . The staff is well-trained and discreet and knows how to stay out of the way when it is time for romance. Another fantastic option when you are considering where to go in Laguna and Orange County is the Peninsula hotel which is also a Four Seasons. Is important at this point to discuss Four Seasons as a brand as it is a big drop for the peninsula as well as the selling point for this property and hotel that you should consider. The Four Seasons is a world-renowned brand with properties all over the world.

They are known for their luxurious rooms and locations but what really sets them apart is their attention to customer service and client satisfaction. They are world renowned as a company no matter if their property is in Dubai or Hawaii for treating their customers as if they were royalty with every wish and whim attended to as if they were already asked when they weren’t. Let us discuss now this property which is one of the most well-regarded and luxurious hotels in all of California. Located on the same page as the Montage hotel the Peninsula Hotel is right on the water and offers the same beach access to the crystal clear waters of the Pacific any time of day or night from its guest rooms. The Four Seasons is also very well known for its Spa which offers many different sorts of relaxation and beauty treatments at any time of the day. Here are some of my favorite beauty treatments that can be found in the spa at the Four Seasons. The gold and caviar facial is perfect for enriching the face with nutrients as well as smoothing the appearance of fine lines and also nurturing skin cells with vital beautifying factors that make you look younger and healthier.

Their Thai massage is world famous for its therapeutic properties especially for those who are athletic and active. There is nothing better than playing a brisk round of tennis on their many tennis courts within the property and then jumping into the ocean followed by a therapeutic sports massage which addresses all of your specific injuries and health complaints for a full experience of replenishment and rejuvenation. Another of my favorite massages is the hot stone massage. The Stone Massage at the towing company is exactly what it sounds like we’re large black stones are warmed and placed along the median lines of your body in accordance with certain chakra points that are also coordinated with health and beauty. Once the stones are placed then the massage therapist astutely rubs her body along with the meridian lines in order to get the chi flowing in the proper direction. I tried this myself and was rejuvenated all day and felt the effects for days afterwards. It was definitely worth every penny. It is not a cheap hotel however it is very much worth it if you are feeling like pampering yourself or if you have a romantic getaway planned and I’m looking for a place that is private and also luxurious. Ultimately either of these that you choose will be an extravagant expensive but worth every penny. In the next blog posts we will discuss the Fantastic hotels in Los Angeles and if we have time then the hotels of Santa Barbara as well so stay tuned to this blog.

Pick Your Destinations

If you’re planning a trip across the hotels of California especially Southern California itis important to do your research ahead of time and pick your destinations with care and precision to ensure that you and your family get the sort of experience that you want and at the best price. We’ve already covered the fantastic hotels to be found all over San Diego. If you’re looking for a good hotels in downtown San Diego or Coronado or further north than please check out the preceding the blog posts as they will have valuable information for you. For now we’re going to move further north into Laguna and the rest of Orange County to see what the beautiful beaches and temperate climate of this region has to offer. Newport and Laguna have some of the most beautiful beaches in all of California.

The natural sand beaches as well as the rock formations and the clarity of the water make this a destination for people all over the world. The relaxed beach lifestyle as well as the temperate climate and also the separation from any major cities makes this sort of destination a perfect place to go with you want to escape from the city and just relax by the beach without any sort of distractions or congestion. The most distinguished two hotels are the ones that we will focus on today as these are the two largest and most well-known of all of the luxury hotels in the Laguna area. First there is the Montage hotel which is one of the largest most luxurious and most distinguished and famous of all the hotels in California. Frequented by movie stars and famous people not to mention various people and those of great taste who are looking to get away from LA or the humdrum of their life and escape to a paradise of pampering and luxury.

The Montage hotel is a brand which is synonymous with luxury and pampering as well as an attention to customer service and devotion to client satisfaction. While this is by no means a budget experience it will be well worth it to experience the highest of high end of will you know Hotel living. Located on a beautiful strip of sand in beautiful North Laguna the access to the ocean is unparalleled and allows visitors to take a dip in the cool Pacific Ocean at any time directly from their rooms. The spa is world famous for its many different kinds of treatments. There is a facial made of diamonds and caviar that is renowned for its rejuvenating properties as well as its price tag. There is four hand massage that is the ultimate in pampering. Four hands of two massage therapist massage and rub your body in a coordinated fashion for an hour and a half using essential oils and aromatics flown in from around the globe. If you are lucky you may see a celebrity or movie star sitting next to you at dinner in one of their many restaurants.

The Italian restaurant is famous for its delicious seafood and shrimp dishes. The steakhouse is also world famous for its porterhouse as well as a New York steak and filet mignons that have won awards from prestigious food magazines. Ultimately the Montage is an experience that should be savored and certainly not for those who need to count every penny for their travel budget. But I would definitely recommend the Montage as an experience especially for certain occasions. In our next blog post we will continue our discussion of the best hotels in orange county and discuss your travel options for planning your next trip.

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Del Mar

Hotels in San Diego are very famous and very beautiful often times situated on the coast or directly on some beautiful beach. This is especially true as you move further north moving away from the bustling downtown area into the strips of white sand Del Mar and Torrey Pines. Del Mar San Diego is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and surf breaks in all of San Diego . The Grand Colonial La Jolla is also a perfect boutique hotel for the discerning traveller who is looking for an experienced that is outside of the ordinary of regular hotel chains. This boutique hotel has been run by a husband and wife for many years and they take very good care and attention to every fine point in detail.

The lobby and restaurant are all luxuriously appointed with fine eye for detail and for design and architecture. The food is exceptional whether you are dining in their beautiful dining room for the restaurant or your ordering room service. While you are in downtown La Jolla you can enjoy all of the shops and dining as well as the natural features of the Wilco. These include kayaking tours of the caves and tidal pools that dot the area around the La Jolla cove as well as scuba diving and snorkeling around the giant kelp forest and interacting with the seals at the Children’s Pool. As we move further north into Torrey Pines, if you are at all interested in golf then the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines is the best location for you. The Torrey Pines Golf Course on which is situated is home to one of the Premier PGA events of the season and also one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

The golf course overlooks the cliffs of La Jolla and is well-known for its challenging course and it’s scenic natural beauty. The hotel itself has a fantastic gym and a golf pro on hand to help you if you need any assistance choosing clubs or with the course itself. Once you are done on the links check out their first class spa for a unique and therapeutic sports massage. The Estancia Hotel is also a fantastic option if you are looking for a boutique experience with an eye towards luxury and personal attention. With a beautiful Spanish style and a reputation for white glove service and first-class amenities the Estancia Hotel is the resting place and the favorite destination for celebrities and those who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of San Diego. With a beautiful pool and a first-class Spa this is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing experience. The concierge is one of the best and highly rated and all San Diego for his ability to get a table at the hardest to get into restaurants in San Diego.

With everything that water has to offer this is the perfect option if you don’t mind supporting for a little bit of extra money. I promise that you will be getting your money’s worth and will be satisfied with the result. The Hyatt Regency La Jolla is a great option if you are in town for business or looking for something that is easily expensed on your expense report. But you don’t have to sacrifice luxury and personal attention while you are there. With a fantastic gym and a great spa you can be assured that once you are done with your meetings for the day you will be treated and pampered in a way that will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. With a spectacular pool and access to La Jolla as well as the freeway you are just minutes away from everything else that San Diego has to offer. Alll of these hotels in San Diego are great options whether you are a business traveler or just looking for a relaxing weekend away. My advice is to do your research and see which fits your budget and also what you’re looking for in a destination experience. In the next blog post will move further up into the Luxury Resorts of Orange County and Laguna.

Spanish Design

The best way to discuss hotels in Southern California is to start at the bottom! When you were considering which hotels to visit and where to go in Southern California it is easiest to start geographically from the bottom of San Diego County and its border with Tijuana. Tijuana is also home to some beautiful resorts however for the purposes of this blog post we will restrict our consideration to hotels in the United States. one of the most well-regarded and famous historical hotels in all of Southern California but especially in San Diego is the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. This large pink hotel has been around since the turn of the 20th century and has been the favorite hotel of stars especially in the forties and fifties. The classic southern California Spanish design runs throughout the building and into the rooms themselves. The location is one of the most scenic and all San Diego with a starling view of the La Jolla Shores. It is situated right above the La Jolla Cove with access to the shops and restaurants and all La Jolla has to offer as well as some of the most scenic and beautiful beaches in all of Southern California. The hotel itself has a spa and 3 star restaurants that serve food until midnight.

The restaurant at the La Valencia is well known for its delicious take on Spanish and Mexican Fusion Cuisine. The spa is known for its rich and rejuvenating facials and massages. Of course no discussion of the famous hotels of San Diego would be complete without a discussion of the Hotel Del Coronado. Located on the island of Coronado this hotel is famous for its wooden roof with picture windows surrounding it. This is one of the most famous hotels in the world and has been the resting place of presidents and heads of state as well as royal families. Located directly on the beach of Coronado this hotel offers the best of resort and San Diego living all in one place . The town of Coronado is charming and delightful with shops and restaurants throughout as well as some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in California. Another great place to check out when you are in San Diego if you’re looking for the very best is the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Located downtown in a beautiful and extremely tall building this hotel offers the best of modern conveniences including full internet capabilities and an office as well as meeting rooms if you are there for travel. However it also is one of the most beautiful with a gigantic copper roof on top and beautiful views of all of the harbor and San Diego in almost every single room.

Whether you are there or one of its many conventions at the beautiful San Diego Convention Center or you were there to check out the races in Del Mar or you are just there with your family for a resting vacation it is highly recommended that you check out one of these three famous and beautiful hotels in San Diego. With all of the beaches and amazing climate that Southern California and San Diego has to offer you can’t lose if you stay at any one of these famous and well-regarded hotels. But don’t limit yourself to only the southern part of San Diego. North County also has an array of beautiful hotels and resorts as well. In the next blog post we will discuss the famous hotels of Northern San Diego County as well as move into the Orange County areas as well.

Southern California Hotels

Southern California is known for its beautiful beaches warm climate and the glamour of its culture. There are many different and varied hotels in Southern California that any traveler should know about ahead of time before booking their trip. The hotels of Southern California are varied often times with a historical pedigree and the history of Glamour that coincides with its Southern California setting. From Santa Barbara all the way down to San Diego, the coastline and also the mountains are dotted with beautiful places to stay for any budget but particularly for the discerning hotel guest looking for an exceptional experience. When considering which hotel to stay that is important to do your research and the purpose of this blog will be to introduce you to some of the finest hotels in Southern California as well as give you tips and insider information for the best way to go about booking. This will include times to book your stay and also seasonal information that will help you get the most out of your hotel experience and travel without paying extra for it.

The first thing that you want to consider when deciding which Southern California Hotel you want to go to is what your itinerary is going to be. If you have a limited amount of time and are looking for more of a weekender Santa Barbara and Laguna are very good options. Both have beautiful beaches and luxury amenities at the hotels including spas which make them perfect for a weekend getaway with your special someone or with the family. If you have more time then San Diego and Los Angeles are perfect destinations for the sort of travel as they have more culture and more events going one, especially if you are with family you will have more options to keep mom and dad and the kids busy and entertained the entire time. Of course there are beautiful places to stay in between all of these places as well there is Carpinteria and Ventura between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, which also boasts beautiful beaches and some fine resorts.

There is Ojai in the mountains just south of Santa Barbara which also boasts spas and hot springs known for their rejuvenating qualities. The most important thing to consider when planning your California trip is your budget and also the program that you want to follow in order to keep you and your family happy and engaged. Because of the natural beauty and the temperate climate of Southern California it is a popular destination at all times of the year particularly in the winter months when the rest of the country is cold. However keeping an eye on weather patterns especially in the springtime can be beneficial. June gloom as it is known sets in around the end of March and sticks around until June.

This means that places like La Jolla and Laguna are often socked in with fog and clouds obscuring what you were hoping for would be a bright beach day. Similarly if you are planning on going to a bar or some of the mountain areas it is important to consider your hotel options as well as skiing that is part of your program. In the following blog posts we will outline some of the finest hotels in Southern California. A great way to organize your trip is to pick a destination hotel first make that your goal and then build a trip around it. I will outline the pros and cons of the best hotels in Souther California so you can make the best choice and hopefully learn something along the way. Let’s go on this journey together!